Seminar Justice, Law and Society, Chernihiv region on February 22-26, 2017

The Aspen Institute Kyiv announces Seminar “Justice, Law, and Society”, which will take place in Chernihiv region on February 22-26, 2017.

To establish just social relations is a necessary requirement for a good society. Although the concept of justice has always been and still is a subject of discussion, perception of human relations as being just is fundamental for successful social interactions. At the same time, justice is an important personal virtue of a human being.

A need in justice exists in all areas of human relations. This problem becomes more acute in conditions of radical social changes. As Ukrainian society experiences period of transformation, debate on justice and its implementation becomes extremely important.

During 4 days of a seminar participants will discuss classical and modern texts, consider on practical cases and get an opportunity to search  different points of view on justice and law, civil rights and responsibility, freedom, and equality. Aspen seminar gives to leaders place and time for better understanding their own value fundamentals and viewpoints of their colleagues, discussing important issues and finding solutions in atmosphere of mutual trust.

Working languages are Ukrainian and Russian. Participation is free, although on a competitive basis.

 Application form 

Applications should be submitted until January 20, 2017



Coordinator Daria Ishevska, phone: +380 44 220 04 29

Seminars Program Director Alina Shklyaruk, mobile: +380 44 220 04 29

+380 44 220 04 30